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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

My first Art Journal

I'm SO EXCITED!!! I made a few pages of my first art journal. I followed some of the steps from Teesha Moore, the queen of journaling and zettiology. I had so much fun. I got a cheepie 140lb press watercolor booklet from Hobby Lobby 8.5x5.5 and used watercolors as the base on each page. I did 10 pages as Teesha recommends and then sat up til 2am on Saturday cutting out pictures, drawing etc. I normally go to bed at 10pm so this was crazy!! I've only journaled on a couple pages so far. Can't wait to do more.

PLUS I just joined Suzi Blu's Academy. YAY!! I don't know how I found her. I think a link from someone's website. I saw a couple of her videos and fell in love. She's hysterical wearing her pink wigs and I love the way she talks. She has a great personality, and is so talented. She builds confidence in people and thats what I need. I always say "I'm not a real artist" blah blah. I've signed up for the beginner class "Petit art dolls" so I can learn the basics of the style and plan on taking all her classes.

Anyway, here's a couple pics from my journal. I posted all of them on Flickr


Diane said...

Hi Ruth, I found your blog through Suzi's site--you just joined her class--you'll love it. I love your journal pages, and I see that you like Lisa Kaus--she is my absolute favorite mixed media artist, too!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Ruth, just popping in from Suzi's as well. Art journalling is really fun...I don't know why I've hesitated so long to start one myself - I'm having a ball with it!

Suzi is fantastic - doing her classes & watching her videos has definitely changed the way I look at at art. She makes it fun!

Alexis Kelly said...

thought i'd leave a message here as well as Suzi's. Your stuff is lovely - your journal pages are totally fab.