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Friday, April 23, 2010

Don't feel guilty!!

This is the biggest obstacle I've had to overcome in the last year and a half. I was made to feel guilty for 19 years about anything I did that did not have a monetary value i.e. my art or reading or anything fun...

If you have a creative spirit, then you NEED to paint, sew, write or whatever. God puts that creative desire in our hearts and it's part of our makeup. Yeah, you may feel that you're not the best artist in the world and you draw crooked eyes or you have to rip out seams on a dress a few times but you still HAVE to spend time creating. I feel empty and stressed unless I take a little time to create every week.

I don't mean, spend so much time that you don't go to work or feed your kids, but take time for yourself. It's like my devotion time. Give God the glory for giving you talent and desire to make something beautiful.
This is one of my first weeks practice sketches for Petite Art Dolls with Suzi Blu. Yeah, I'm not the world's greatest but LOVE doing this. YAY

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