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Monday, August 25, 2008

Internet at last etc...

I finally got my DSL hooked up today. I haven't left the computer for hours. I had so much catching up to do; job searching among the top of the list.
Plus, I rejoined Stampin' Up! last week and I'm so excited. I left for a few months during my marriage problems and moving but joined under my friend Stephanie last week. She signed up the day before I did and I'm her first recruit. It's a little crazy since I don't know anyone in this town to invite to a party but I just love Stampin' Up! and couldn't stay away.
See my new website.

My sister-in-law and I joined a monthly Amy Butler class at Dragonfly Quilts and Courtenay got so excited after she made her first apron, that she bought a sewing machine this weekend and we sewed for hours!! I made an apron in class, and then made a pin cushion and 3 lunch bags.
Why can't I just be rich so I can stay home and cook, sew and stamp??

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